Structured Cabling – Copper/Fiber for Data & Voice

Structured cabling is the design and installation of a cabling system that will support multiple hardware uses and be suitable for today’s needs and those of the future. 

What is Structured Cabling

Structured cabling is the low voltage copper or fiber wiring in the walls that makes up a cabling system. These telecommunications cables connect your computer, phone, wireless access points, cameras, copiers, etc. to your data and phone network. Without a cabling system, we would not have network capability. These cables can also provide power to devices, such as cameras, wireless access points, and phones, using power over ethernet (PoE) technology.

Why we need Structured Cabling for our organization?

A structured cabling design gives you a comprehensive and well-organized telecommunication infrastructure for businesses and companies, organizations or the government institutions to transmit information, voice, alarm, video or signals through this telecommunication network.

Features of Data Center

  • Easy to Manage
  • Adaptability
  • Less Downtime
  • Cost Effective
  • Support Application and Equipment
  • Enhanced Flexibillity
  • An Investment for the Future 
  • Supports Multiple Systems and Applications
  • Better Communication
  • Keeps Your Business Neat and Tidy

Easy to Manage

Structured cabling systems are extremely organized, effortless to use and are the most effective methods to be implemented in your workspace. Structured cabling system is simple to manage and maintain and is also an initial one-time investment that profits your company for years to come.


Structured cabling systems technology is built with adaptability and extreme growth in mind. Generally, these kinds of systems can support very high and accurate bandwidth. Whatever your business requires, from the video conferencing to the high volume calls, you don’t need to worry, it can fully support all your current functions with limited disruptions, & room to accommodate more functionalities and features!

Less Downtime

Unorganized cabling systems make it hard to identify & resolve errors. Also, disorderly cabling systems are most likely to cause confusion & mistakes in the initial setup process. When a situation occurs, & your telephone lines go down, troubleshooting your proper hardware takes more of your time if the staff needs to sort through a jumble of networking cables. Your voice & data cabling systems are more effective and reliable when the infrastructure accommodates faster and effortless repairs. 


Having a fully engineered and properly installed structured cabling system technology is one of the most cost-effective and timely decisions you can make for your business. It’ll make routine moves, adds & changes faster, much more efficient and has tangible & intangible advantages.

Support Application and Equipment

With the latest structured cabling system, what used to be a bit cumbersome, confusing & in some scenarios an ugly eyesore can be transformed into a special showcase of organization and a valuable asset.

Enhanced Flexibility

A structured cabling system technology has a high level of flexibility as this system can easily and swiftly accommodate new changes, any new addition or moves. This ensures your company experiences improved and high quality performance which translates to enhanced business growth. It also decreases the time taken during the installation process and also increases adaptability to network infrastructure changes, making it more easy to relocate to a new work space.

An Investment for the Future

While common cabling systems are mostly directed to current business operations, fiber structured cabling systems have an eye into the future. This trait makes the fiber structured cabling system one of a kind. Also, the system has a high bandwidth that makes this system more convenient for supporting the growth of your company. 

Supports Multiple Systems and Applications

Fiber structured cabling works in conjunction with other systems and applications to make an ideal business environment. Many businesses today have their operations centered in several locations, and holding business meetings in such types of settings is a bit complicated.

Better Communication

Commercial phone systems have streamlined communication networks in businesses today. Companies are in such a position to interconnect without spending much amounts of cash. Also, hosted phone systems are much better.

Keeps Your Business Neat and Tidy

One of the unsung advantages of structured cabling is that they help keep companies looking good. Employees, users, and clients don’t want to see a snake’s nest of different Ethernet cables, phone cords, & coaxial cables crawling all over your work space floors, hanging out in the open space or on the walls, or slithering along your ceiling.

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