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Change Auditor for Windows Server: Change Auditor for Windows File Servers helps you control and audit changes to Microsoft Windows Server efficiently and cost-effectively. Change Auditor for Windows File Servers proactively tracks, audits, reports on and alerts on vital changes, including user and administrator accounts actively related to files or folders and changes to access permissions, in real time and without the overhead of native auditing.

Change Auditor for Active Directory and Azure AD: Change Auditor for Active Directory and Logon Activity proactively track, report and alert on vital events in Microsoft Active Directory and Azure AD. Specifically, these powerful tools instantly report on specially - Critical configuration changes, including who made the change; when, where and from workstation it was made; and the original and current values, AD logon and logoff activity and Azure AD sign-ins.

WhatsUp Gold: WhatsUp Gold is a Network Monitoring tool that provides complete automated discovery and mapping of your network, visibility to the status and performance of applications, network devices and servers in the cloud or on-premises.


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